Jul 162012

reset Windows admin password

The Windows administrator password is a serious thing meant to your computer safety. The stronger it is, the more secure your computer will be. Unfortunately, this magic password can be easily forgotten by its owner or be hacked by others, thus it might cause access to the computer denied. Then, in order to regain access to the locked computer, you have to successfully reset Windows administrator password.


To put it briefly, there are 2 real simple but highly efficient ways to reset Windows administrator password even if it is lost or forgotten.


Real simple way A:
Using a Windows password reset disk
For all Windows-based computers, a Windows password reset disk is allowed to be made in advance. This is a very effective measure to prevent users from being locked out of their computer. However, not actually so many people are aware of such thing. Now let’s see how this disk helps us reset password, just follow the below steps:


  1. At Windows login screen, when the password is entered incorrectly, click the reset button in the login failed window.
  2. Insert the early created Windows password reset disk into the computer and click “Next” then.
  3. Follow the wizard to perform Windows admin password reset step by step when the “Password Reset Wizard” window prompts.


Pretty easy, right?
(Note: For people who haven’t created such disk before and have no idea to create one, then please visit here to learn more:


Real simple way B:
Using a Windows password reset application
As I have said before, many people actually didn’t have created a Windows password reset disk before they forgot that password. Then, to solve the problem, a professional tool is a necessity. Here I trust Windows Password Recovery Basic which ranks top 3 of the list in Windows password recovery. No hesitation any more, let’s reset Windows administrator password with this app now!


Step1: Download, install and launch Windows Password Recovery Basic.
After get the app, please install and launch it on an accessible computer quickly.


Step2: Burn a Windows administrator password reset disk.
Before this step, please prepare for a blank CD/DVD. Then insert it to the PC and you will get the interface as follow. Next, select the CD/DVD icon, and then click “Burn” to get a bootable password reset disk. It’s just a one-click job. No need to care about anything. But one thing I should note here is that: Make sure if your computer has a CD-ROM drive before work, otherwise, you should exchange a computer.
create a password reset disk


Step3: Access the locked computer with the burned disk.
Insert the burned disk to the locked/target computer and press F12/Delete/F2 when the system begins to load. Later, you will get to BIOS SETUP UTILITY. There change the BIOS settings to make the PC boot from CD-ROM.


Step4: Reset Windows administrator password.
Here now you will see a new interface of Windows Password Recovery Basic. All you need to do is selecting the target user account whose password you want to reset and clicking “Reset” button to initiate Windows administrator password reset.


It won’t take you more than 2 minutes for Windows administrator password reset. So, about several seconds later, you will soon receive a message “Congratulations! Remove password successfully”. Finally, you just reboot your computer and log on without password.

Source: http://www.windowspasswordrecovery.net/article/reset-windows-admin-password.html