Apr 292011

“I forgot my laptop password Asus Eee! It is important to unlock or recover the lost Asus password. I do not want to reinstall or reformat my Asus PC for vital files on it! Can anyone help my Asus Eee password reset…?” Such Asus password problem can be heard usually.

Fortunately, there are efficient ways to successfully reset Asus Windows 7, XP, and Vista laptop or netbook password. According to these common troubles, we now list 3 helpful suggestions on Asus laptop password reset. If you have met the similar problem recently, you can take these ways for reference.

Solution 1: Reset Asus laptop password with administrative accounts
Accounts with administrative rights and privileges can help us to override Asus password. Take Asus XP as example, there is a default Administrator account without password. Then we can remove the password Windows XP if we don’t set a password for the account.
Step 1: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del twice when PC starts and then input “Administrator” in the username field and leave the password filed blank at the classic login screen. Press Enter and login PC.
Step 2: Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Local Users and Groups -> folder Users
Step 3: Right click the account user name which password was lost, and then click Set Password -> Reset password -> keep New Password and Confirm Password blank.
Step 4: Right-click locked account and select Reset password.
Step 5: After finished, restart PC and login.

Solution 2: Reset password Asus with free Ophcrack

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