Jun 272011

Acer Aspire one Windows 7 password problem usually can be met by our Aspire laptop users! It is actually troublesome for us! How can we solve Acer Aspire password reset quickly and easily? Then we will search solutions online now – Aspire one password reset urgently!

A. For forgotten Aspire Windows 7 password problem, we can recover password with Aspire password reset disk:
1. After wrong password prompt displays, click “OK” – “Reset Password”;
2. Insert the password reset disk into PC driver, click “Reset password” and the Password Reset Wizard will comes up, then “Next”;
3. Choose the targeted password reset disc from drop down box, and then click “Next”;
4. Input and confirm newly set password, then “Next” – “Finish”, close Password Reset Wizard.

Please read whole article from ->> Acer Aspire Password Reset

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