Jul 162012

Reset XP Password without Software












These days I’ve been thinking whether we can reset Windows XP password without software when it is forgotten or lost. I’ve found too many people today are facing the Windows XP password forgotten problem. We all know if the password we’ve forgotten is to the single user account on a computer, then the computer will deny any access unless the password is found again or removed directly. If that so, how can we reset a forgotten computer password like Windows XP password?

I know there are already many third-party Windows password recovery tools on the market which can provide the solution to reset Windows XP password, Vista password etc. I once read an article titled as 7 software tools to reset Windows XP password. Perhaps all those tools can be quite helpful for me to rescue my locked XP machine, however, I think they are pricing too high. With curiosity, I did lots of search for Windows XP password reset without software on the Internet. Thankfully, I finally got one and I proved it successful. Below is the exact solution I found.

Reset Windows XP password from Windows XP built-in hidden admin account.
Step1: Start computer and then press “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” twice at Windows Login Screen.
Step2: Type “Administrator” without quotations in the username box and leave password box blank. Then hit “Enter” to log onto Windows system.
Step3: Go to “Start->Control Panel->User Accounts” to reset the forgotten Windows XP password.

You may not understand why this solution could work. Actually this is because in each Windows XP-based computer, there is a hidden admin account without password protected by default. But it has super high administrative privileges. Therefore, when we forgot our Windows XP admin password, we can use this hidden admin account to reset it. However, if you ever set a password for this hidden admin, and you then forget it, then this way probably will not be feasible. But it doesn’t matter, you can get this tool – Windows Password Recovery Corporation, a professional Windows password recovery tool, and it’s very cheap and provides free service of downloading.

Jul 162012

reset Windows admin password

The Windows administrator password is a serious thing meant to your computer safety. The stronger it is, the more secure your computer will be. Unfortunately, this magic password can be easily forgotten by its owner or be hacked by others, thus it might cause access to the computer denied. Then, in order to regain access to the locked computer, you have to successfully reset Windows administrator password.


To put it briefly, there are 2 real simple but highly efficient ways to reset Windows administrator password even if it is lost or forgotten.


Real simple way A:
Using a Windows password reset disk
For all Windows-based computers, a Windows password reset disk is allowed to be made in advance. This is a very effective measure to prevent users from being locked out of their computer. However, not actually so many people are aware of such thing. Now let’s see how this disk helps us reset password, just follow the below steps:


  1. At Windows login screen, when the password is entered incorrectly, click the reset button in the login failed window.
  2. Insert the early created Windows password reset disk into the computer and click “Next” then.
  3. Follow the wizard to perform Windows admin password reset step by step when the “Password Reset Wizard” window prompts.


Pretty easy, right?
(Note: For people who haven’t created such disk before and have no idea to create one, then please visit here to learn more:


Real simple way B:
Using a Windows password reset application
As I have said before, many people actually didn’t have created a Windows password reset disk before they forgot that password. Then, to solve the problem, a professional tool is a necessity. Here I trust Windows Password Recovery Basic which ranks top 3 of the list in Windows password recovery. No hesitation any more, let’s reset Windows administrator password with this app now!


Step1: Download, install and launch Windows Password Recovery Basic.
After get the app, please install and launch it on an accessible computer quickly.


Step2: Burn a Windows administrator password reset disk.
Before this step, please prepare for a blank CD/DVD. Then insert it to the PC and you will get the interface as follow. Next, select the CD/DVD icon, and then click “Burn” to get a bootable password reset disk. It’s just a one-click job. No need to care about anything. But one thing I should note here is that: Make sure if your computer has a CD-ROM drive before work, otherwise, you should exchange a computer.
create a password reset disk


Step3: Access the locked computer with the burned disk.
Insert the burned disk to the locked/target computer and press F12/Delete/F2 when the system begins to load. Later, you will get to BIOS SETUP UTILITY. There change the BIOS settings to make the PC boot from CD-ROM.


Step4: Reset Windows administrator password.
Here now you will see a new interface of Windows Password Recovery Basic. All you need to do is selecting the target user account whose password you want to reset and clicking “Reset” button to initiate Windows administrator password reset.


It won’t take you more than 2 minutes for Windows administrator password reset. So, about several seconds later, you will soon receive a message “Congratulations! Remove password successfully”. Finally, you just reboot your computer and log on without password.

Source: http://www.windowspasswordrecovery.net/article/reset-windows-admin-password.html

Jul 062012

“Everyone help, please!!! Somehow I just forgot my Vista computer password after I had a vacation. I’ve searched for many resources on the Internet, and one way mostly mentioned is to use a Windows Vista password reset disk. But I just don’t have such one, how can I create one to fix my problem?”
Asked by Mark from Yahoo

If you have been completely locked from your Vista password, yes, using a Windows Vista password reset disk is the best option to help you rescue the locked computer. Theoretically, one needs to previously create such a disk before he forgot his Vista login password. But for most computer users just like Mark, they actually don’t have created such a disk until they realize their password has been already lost or forgotten. Then is it still possible to create Windows Vista password reset disk to crack or reset the forgotten Vista login password?

Of course, it’s possible! First choose a professional Windows Vista password reset tool which allows you to burn a CD, DVD or USB flash drive into a bootable Vista password reset disk and next you can then use the disk to boot your computer and reset the forgotten password.

Well, speaking of this, I personally think Windows Password Recovery Enhance can be a nice option. Now, you can get this tool here:
http://www.windowspasswordrecovery.net/windowspasswordrecoveryenhance.html. Next quickly download and install it on your computer, then let’s move on!
(Note: The computer should be accessible.)

Steps on creating a Windows Vista password reset disk with Windows Password Recovery Enhance.
Step1: After launching the program, please insert an empty and writable CD/DVD or USB flash drive to the accessible computer.
Step2: Now, you can see such an interface as below. Now follow the wizard on the interface to create disk step by step. First select your device CD/DVD or USB. Then click “CD/DVD” or “USB Flash Drive” option. In the end, just click “Burn” to start creating Windows Vista password reset disk. Once the burning process finishes, just take out your device from the PC.
Windows Vista password reset USB

Guides on using the created Windows Vista password reset disk to rescue locked computer.
1. Access your locked computer with the burned disk.
Now insert the burned disk into the locked computer and start it. When the system starts, continuously press some certain keys such as F12, Del, and F2 etc. to get into BIOS Device Menu. Next select 1st Boot Device to CD-ROM/USB, and then press F10 to save setting. For details on how to make such settings in BIOS, you can refer here:

2. Crack forgotten Vista password with the disk.
Now, when the PC reboots, a new interface will occur, just see as below. This means you are under the pre-installation system environment of Windows Password Recovery Enhance now. Next, you just follow the wizard to select Windows Installation first, then select the user account whose password you’ve forgotten, after that click “Next” to start cracking password.
Windows Vista password reset disk

In less than 40 or 50 seconds, you will be reminded “You have reset the password successfully”. Next you just need to reboot your PC and then log in without password. That’s for my sharing on how to create Windows Vista password reset disk and how to use this disk to crack forgotten Vista login password.

Jun 142012

Have you ever lost your Windows XP admin password?
There are lots of options to bypass it nowadays. Some of require a third party application for Windows XP admin password reset and some don’t. Here in this article, I’ll show you some effective options for forgotten Windows XP password recovery.

Reset Windows XP administrator password with the Installation Disk.
If you have such a Windows Installation Disk in hand, this may the first method to crack the forgotten Windows XP password you may think.
To using the Installation Disk to crack Windows password is actually doing a Windows Repair. If you didn’t restore or repair your computer with the Installation Disk before, then you need to bring someone who knows and be good at since for too many people this could be a tough job. It costs time and has probability of losing data.

As a special diagnostic operating mode of Windows, safe mode which starts Windows with a limited set of files and drivers helps you to diagnose and troubleshoot various computer problems.

Here are the tutorials on how to reset XP admin password in Safe Mode.
Step1: Turn on your PC and repeatedly tap F8 when the PC is booting. Then it will bring up the “Windows Advanced Options Menu”.
Step2: Use your arrow keys to select “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” and press Enter next.
Step3: Windows will load files until you see a logon screen with all your account user names displayed. Leaving the password filed blank for your administrator account and get in safe mode.
Step4: Now you can see Windows command prompt, so you enter “net user” and then press Enter.
Step5: Now all the user accounts on your computer will be lists, choose the target user account and enter “net user Andy 123”. (Suppose Andy is the target user account, and 123 is the password you want to set for.)
Step6: Restart computer, you now can log on with the newly password changed user account successfully.
(Note: This method won’t work for you if you have changed the default settings for the Windows built-in Administrator account.)

If you cannot successfully unlock your Windows XP password with the above methods, your last chance goes to a credible third-party application for XP password recovery.

Recover Windows XP admin password with Windows Password Recovery Basic.
To great extent, when losing access to computer for Windows XP password being forgotten or lost, using a credible third-party application for Windows XP administrator password recovery is the simplest and most effective way. No matter how you are good at computer, it will always cost you too much time on resetting forgotten password with the installation disk or in Safe Mode. While a third-party application like Windows Password Recovery Basic won’t take you more than 1 minute to successfully crack the forgotten Windows XP password.

For more information about such an amazing Windows XP administrator password reset tool, you can get it at windowspasswordrecovery.net.

Jun 062012

Hack Windows password without permission is illegal. However, to crack, resetir change on Windows password is definitely needed if you forgot password for your computer.

When forgetting a Windows password, people can easily figure out a way – reinstall the XP system. Actually, doing this is not smart since a large amount of data on your computer will be probably lost. Why you should take risk in losing data? Why not take other feasible ways to solve the same problem? Okay, this post will fully satisfy your needs – tell you how to crack Windows login password in just 1 minute without causing any data loss from the computer.

Hack Windows password – by removing forgotten Windows password with Windows Password Recovery Basic.
Windows Password Recovery Basic, as a professional third-party password recovery application, has successfully helped many Windows users solve the Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/NT password forgotten problem. One of the functions of this application is supporting fast-speed recovery. With costing you less than 1 minute, you will regain access to your locked machine. Below are the detailed instructions on how to remove forgotten Windows password with this application in 1 minute.

Note: Things you will need: an accessible computer, an empty and writable CD or DVD.

  1. Download Windows Password Recovery Basic software.
  2. Install and launch this app to an accessible computer.
  3. Quickly burn a Windows password reset CD/DVD with Windows Password Recovery Basic and the prepared CD or DVD.
  4. Change BIOS settings for the target/locked computer with the burned and bootable Windows password reset CD/DVD.
  5. After finishing BIOS settings, the locked computer will reboots, at this time, you now can start to reset your forgotten password with the burned CD/DVD in less than 1 minute.

In resetting Windows password with this method, you soon will be able to log in your computer without any password.

Hack Windows password – by changing forgotten Windows password with Windows Password Recovery Ultimate.
Windows Password Recovery Ultimate, another version of Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery. Compared with the basic version, this ultimate version has a function to help users directly change forgotten password based on any Windows OS, such as Server 2008/2003/Win7/Vista/XP. Also, it can create a new Windows user account for any Windows OS.

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Crack Windows 7 Password

May 302012

“I have a second computer with only user account. But I changed its password a long time ago, and now I forgot it. So now the problem is I cannot log into the PC with other user account. I am wondering if there is a way to bypass that password. Can someone teach me please?”

Being denied access to Windows XP computer for XP password forgotten has always been a hot issue among pc users. I am sure many people have racked their brains for a few moments, trying to remember what that word combination is the exact password. Usually, to re-gain access to your PC by thinking of what the password is, is always time-consuming and in vain at last. This could never be a smart way. So, now you may want to look for an easier and quicker solution to bypass Windows XP password that won’t take your hours or even days to figure out. Fortunately, there are such solutions indeed, and below are 2 such solutions to bypass XP user login password.

Solution 1: Use Windows XP built-in Administrator account.
If you are an XP user, and you have forgotten the password for your only user account on the XP machine, you may have neglected the Windows XP built-in Administrator account. You cannot see this account on your computer since it is hidden by default. But now you can easily unhide it to help you bypass XP admin password because this built-in Admin has no password protected by default, but has highest privileges over the whole PC. Follow the below steps to unhide this admin account and recover forgotten Windows XP password next:
Step1: Start your computer and press “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” twice when you see Windows Login screen.
Step2: Type Administrator in username box and leave the password column blank.
Step3: Now you have successfully gained access to your XP PC again and later you can freely change or remove your forgotten Windows XP password from: “Start->Control Panel->User Accounts”.

Solution 2: Use Windows Password Recovery Enhance.
Windows Password Recovery Enhance is a professionally third-party application made for resetting any forgotten or lost Windows password on all Windows-based PCs. All you need to bypass Windows XP login password with this tool, are just 3 steps only: download the software>>burn a disk>>reset password. Below are the detailed steps:
Step1: Download, install and run Windows Password Recovery Enhance on any accessible computer.
Step2: Burn a bootable password recovery CD/DVD/USB with this software. Insert a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive to the accessible PC and click “Burn” button in the main interface to start burning a bootable password recovery disk.
Step3: Start to reset Windows XP password. First insert the burned disk to the target computer and later set this computer boot from CD/DVD/USB in BIOS. After that, you can start to unlock the lost Windows XP password for your locked PC with 3 clicks of button only.

Yep, that’s all for the steps on how to bypass XP password. Which one should I choose? This is according to the situation you are in. If you haven’t changed any settings for the built-in Administrator account on your PC, then solution one can be your best choice. While bypassing XP user login password with Windows Password Recovery Enhance is also a good choice since its created password recovery disk can be useful whenever you forgot or lost password.

May 282012

Suppose if you forgot Windows 7 password, you would try to find solutions to recover or reset it through the internet. Soon you would find one solution—using Windows 7 password reset USB disk, which is most mentioned by people. So here in this article, I will show you the exact ways to create a Windows 7 password reset disk.

Theoretically, a password reset disk Windows 7 can be made with a CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Since USB flash drive is more convenient to carry and safer to preserve, here I highly recommend creating a Windows 7 reset password with USB to prevent your computer from being locked. Below are guides on how to create a Win 7 password recovery USB.

Scenario 1: If you haven’t forgotten your Windows 7 password yet.
At this situation, you can easily make such a password reset USB disc for free to prevent your computer from being locked. Now please follow the below steps:
Step1: Insert the prepared USB flash drive into your computer.
Step2: Type “reset” in the Windows search box and select “Create a password reset disk”.
Step3: When the “Forgotten Password Wizard” appears, click “Next”.
Step4: Select your USB flash drive and click “Next”.
Step5: Once the wizard finishes creating the reset disk, click “Next” then “Finish”.

Scenario 2: If you have already forgotten your Windows 7 password.
Many computer users actually didn’t take any precautions against Windows 7 password forgotten problem before they find they’ve lost or forgotten the password. So if you don’t have such a password reset disk when you forget or lose your Windows 7 password, you need to seek for other ways to make one and then use that to reset Windows 7 password, say a professional Windows password recovery tool—Windows Password Recovery Enhance.
Here’s how to create a reset password Windows 7 USB with Windows Password Recovery Enhance.
Step1: Download, install and launch Windows Password Recovery Enhance on an accessible computer.
Step2: Insert the early prepared USB flash drive to the accessible PC.
Step3: Choose “USB Flash Drive” button to select your USB, next click “Burn” button to initiate the burning process. (Burn the image file of Windows Password Recovery Enhance to USB.)
Step4: Soon you will receive a message box showing “Burning successfully completed”. Until now it means you have successfully created a Windows 7 password recovery USB. Next, just click “Ok” to end to process and then take out the USB from PC.

That’s all about how to create password reset USB disk for Win 7. If you are interested in how to use a reset Windows 7 password USB for lost Win 7 password recovery, you then can refer to:

Source: http://www.windowspasswordrecovery.net/article/reset-win-7-password-with-usb.html